Corn Gluten Meal

Corn Gluten Meal

Of all the grain commonly used in Live Stock & Poultry, Corn is by far the most important. Corn is composed of four principal ingredients viz. Starch (Carbohydrate), Gluten (Proteinous material), Fat (Lipids) and Fibers (Cellulosic Material) and providing valuable feed ingredients to produce high quality Live Stock and Poultry. The Co-product of Corn refining are Corn Gluten Meal, Gluten Feed, Corn Germ Meal and Corn steep extracts. Corn Gluten Meal is prepared by recovering the gluten stream, filtering and drying of gluten.It has a high protein, high nutrient density, high energy ingredient consisting of insoluble protein in combination with minimal quantity of starch and fiber fractions. This high protein concentrate is commonly provided at 62% protein. It is highly digestible, rich source of Carotene .




Poultry Feed :
Feeding requirement of Poultry are characterized by great variability in needs according to class of birds being fed. (Chickens, Broiler, Laying hens etc.) Pigments to produce desired colour of skin and egg yolk is another special feature of poultry feeds. Corn Gluten Meal  has an important place in fulfilling these requirements.


Technical Data



% Moisture (Max)


% Protein on D.B

60.0 -62.0

% Starch on D.B. (Max)


% Fat on D.B. (Max)


% Fiber on D.B. (Max)


% Ash on D.B. (Max)