R.K. Jute Mills Ltd.

Bangladesh is a country where the “Jute is Produced abundantly. Jute called is the raw material used for making sacks world wide. It’s truly one of gifts of the nature. Jute is beautifully crafted in handicrafts and in many day to day products. Besides, being the cheapest and the most important material of all textile fibers, it also provides job for millions of farmers, landless laborers, industrial workers and many others, both directly and indirectly.

Our qualified and well trained personnel collect the highest quality jute from remote areas by assigned agents. It’s processed in a very careful way. All kinds of “Jute yarn” and “Jute Twine” etc. are produced under stric supervisition by well-trained expertise. We stress and thrive to contribute our offers towards an eco-friendly world through Jute –The Golden Fiber Revolution.

We have been in Jute Business for more than 35 years and exporting our goods with reputation having our export network almost all over the world.

Jute is a natural fiber with good spin able character. Two major manufactured products from Jute fiber are –Jute Yarn & Jute Twine. Jute Twine is a light string or strong thread composed of two or more smaller strands or jute yearns twisted together. Jute twine (twisted yarns) is a 100% biodegradable and pollution free natural packaging material.

Contact Number: +880-1926677342


All Kinds of Jute Yarn

Production Range                           : 8LBS to 96 LBS Single & Ply,

Quality                                         : CB /CRM

Make up                                        : Wooden, Paper Cone & coreless spool

Packing                                         : Truss / Carton / Ball

Annual Production Capacity              : 4,500 Metric Ton

Other Production                            : Cloth & Bag. 

# 100% export oriented Jute Yarn & Twine manufacturer of Bangladesh.